About Me


Hi, everyone! Welcome to my website.

I run the site and all the tours listed here. So far it's been just a one-man mission, so you can skip all your questions in the booking form whether you can get the same Paul that you've read about on TripAdvisor. Yes, you'll certainly get me and no one else. E-mail, WhatsApp or the tiny chat window you can find in the corner of every page here - it's always me on the other end.

I'm 29 and I've been doing this for over 7 years now. Russian but not a native Muscovite. College graduate. Single. Been living in Moscow for over 12 years and would dare to say that it's been enough time to learn more about the city than many of the native residents ever get to discover throughout their lives. Can talk at length about any period of Russia's history and its most notable personalities, the key streets and sights of Moscow, and even more about current events, political and social life in the country.

I might not have the same depth of personal experience going back into the

darkest days of the Soviet era or the bulletproof patriotic fervor of a typical official grandmother Kremlin guide. Neither will I tell you what it means to be a single mother of two or live on a meager Russian pension today for that matter.


But first, is that what you really need? And second, I grew up in this country, I've talked to thousands of Russian people of all generations over the course of my life here including the aforementioned grandmothers. And since I've been focusing on in-depth studying of Russian history ever since I've started doing this, some of my stories about what happened even in the last 50 years might have more details than if you learned them from people who actually lived through those days. Plus, I'm a young person who'll always tell you everything about the latest trends, news and what the millennial generation actually feels like living in modern Russia.

So if you're someone who's looking for a fresh take on typical topics while having an informative and highly flexible guided experience - you've come to the right place. Go choose a tour from the site or simply contact me via e-mail or phone with any more personalized request.