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Having your first AK experience in Russia is like having your first French kiss in France or first shot of tequila in Mexico. It is one of the most famous Russian brands, and it's as important to learn more about it as it is about the Bolshoi or Russian salad.


Over its lengthy 70-year history the weapon has earned itself the status of the most produced firearm on the planet with over 100 million of AK-family rifles today circulating the globe. So if you ever thought that firing a weapon could be fun, starting with the most popular one in the world, would be a great choice.

The range is big, bullets are real, the weapons are authentic and Soviet-made, security is high -  everything's in place for you to enjoy this experience.

Besides firing the guns, you'll learn a lot about the history of the AK-47, its designer and Russian guns and military general.

I pick you at your hotel or any other convenient spot, we go to the shooting range, do the shooting, and then I drop you at any place you want or bring back to the hotel.

We visit a real indoor shooting range a couple of stops away from the center of Moscow, where you'll be able to fire live rounds with AK and other weapons listed below. I will get right to the shooting gallery with you and explain in detail everything you need to know about loading and firing your weapons. The base package includes 20 shots with AK, but you can add as many more shots or even other guns as you want right on the spot when we get there. You can take as many pictures and videos with weapons as you want after and even during firing.

The range is close to a metro station, so we normally use the metro to get there. If you want to order any sort of transfer, you can do it for additional price or by paying for it yourself.

How Do We Do It?

Other Guns You Can Try There

There are many other guns that you can try at the range for additional price. Here's the list of the most important ones and their prices:

DP-27 Russian light machinegun.jpg

DP-27 Machine Gun

Maxim Heavy Machine Gun

Mosin Sniper rifle.jpg

Mosin Sniper Rifle

Maxim Heavy Machine Gun.jpg
Bernardelli PA12 pomp-action shotgun.jpg
AR-15 photo 01.jpg
Makarov pistol.jpg
Dragunov Sniper Rifle.jpg

SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle

PPSh Soviet Subnachine gun.jpg

PPSh Submachine Gun

Bernardelli Pomp-action Shotgun

Vepr-12 Russian semi-automatic shotgun 0

Vepr-12 Semi-automatic Shotgun


AUG-Z Photo.jpg


Makarov Pistol


Glock 17 Photo.jpg

950 RUB/10 shots

950 RUB/10 shots 

1000 RUB/10 shots

1000 RUB/10 shots

700 RUB/10 shots

950 RUB/10 shots

950 RUB/10 shots

2500 RUB/20 shots

2500 RUB/10 shots

1000 RUB/20 shots

1000 RUB/20 shots

Depending on the number of participants


1 - 3300 RUB

2 - 5100 RUB

3 - 6500 RUB

4 - 8200 RUB

5 - 10000 RUB

6 - 11300 RUB

7-10 - 1300 RUB for every additional person

2-hour Duration

Hotel Pick-up



Up to 10 People

Important! Available at any time, but on weekdays some of the time slots might end up being already booked by someone else. I'll confirm you your desired time frame after you've made the booking.