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Learn the story of the evolution of the Soviet space program, it's greatest historic achievements and modern Russian developments. The museum is located right under the Monument to the Conquerors of Space and has exhibits about everything from the early dreams of space travel of 19th century astrologist Tsiolkovsky to the first satellite and man in space, MIR station and today's Russian activities on ISS.

Join me on this journey through a fascinating story of relentless Russian attempts to reach the stars and beyond.

The museum is close to a metro station. I pick you at your place or any other convenient for you spot. We use the metro to get to the museum. I lead a 2-hour tour inside and then bring you back to where I picked you or any other place you want to get to in the end.

If you want to use a car or minivan as the main means of transport, I can arrange that too for additional price.

How Do We Do It?

The Most Notable Exhibits

Sputnik Model.JPG
Actual Gagarin's Space Suit.JPG
Belka and Strelka Taxidermy Dolls.JPG
1 to 1 mockup of the main block of the M

Actual Sputnik

Real Gagarin's Space Capsule

Real Gagarin's Space Capsule.JPG

Real Gagarin's Space Suit

Real Landing Capsule of Soyuz-37

Soyuz-37 Dropship.JPG

Belka and Strelka's Taxidermy figures

Real Modules of Soyuz Spaceship

Parts of Soyuz Spaseship returned from s

1 to 1 model of a part of the Mir station

Depending on the number of participants


Tickets are not included in the price and cost additional 250 RUB per person

1-2 - 7300 RUB

3-6 - 8300 RUB

7-12 - 9300 RUB

2-3-hour Duration

Hotel Pick-up

Available Any Day Exc. Mon 10AM-2PM

Up to 12 People

Important! The default means of reaching the museum in this case is the metro. Mention if you would prefer any other in the booking form.