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Here's something for those to whom a parachute jump seems too safe. No piece of nylon slowing you down, no reassuring instructor behind your back. Here it's just you, free fall and the rope. It ends in seconds, but for some reason often leaves you wanting to climb back and do it all again.


All such jumps in Moscow are organized by 4-5 different teams at 5-6 different locations. Normally, all of them do it on weekends or Russian public holidays. The teams take turns and each picks a different location every week. So unfortunately, it's impossible to predict with 100% certainty which spot will be available on a particular weekend. But they are all equally exciting to jump from. And below you can find pictures and videos of the 4 most likely ones to be used.

Those are not the fanciest jumps in the world. All 4 spots look and even sound fairly post-apocalyptic: a railroad bridge in the middle of nowhere, a random watchtower in the middle of an inactive quarry, abandoned Soviet parachute tower and an abandoned 50-meter brick tower of a farm or some similar grim-looking facility.


Imagine an image of Russia from a 90s action movie where Russia plays the main villain. Grey, nameless buildings, peeling paint, broken windows and horrendous roads - that's pretty much the landscape that you're going to see.

But that's the charm of it. You can do your cool, sunlit jumps among palms and skyscrapers anywhere else. Here you have a chance to do it real Russian-style, and get the feel of the country's suburbs in the process.

So whether you want to radically switch scenery from the glamorous Moscow center streets or just looking for a quick and powerful adrenaline burst - this is something you should consider doing.

Depending on the spot that we're about to go to (see pictures below) we use the metro or a van to get there. In either case, I pick you at your hotel or any other convenient spot, we travel to the jumping spot, do the jumps, and then I bring you to any place you want or bring back to the hotel.

I can only tell you the exact jumping spot for any particular weekend a week before the event. So if you're booking earlier, I'll confirm the place one more time later. And you can still choose then whether you like it or not.

Out of the four only one spot is inside the city itself. The price for that one is significantly lower, as we can get there by metro (see 'Prices' section below).

2 out of 4 require a relatively adequate degree of physical fitness to climb to the jumping spot. I'll mention if the available location is easy one or not in an e-mail.

For the spots that require transfers, we'll have a car or a minivan that are already included in the price. The more distant areas are 50-60 km away from the city and take 1-1,5 hours to get to.

You can purchase as many additional jumps as you want at the location.

How Do We Do It?

Real Photos and Videos By Spot

KRC Tower

The only one inside Moscow, but the shortest one. It's only 20 meters high. But since its the cheapest, it might be the best option for you. Easy to climb, has regular stairs.

KRC Tower Rope Jumps in Moscow 01.jpg
KRC Tower Rope Jumps in Moscow 03.jpg

Maniknino railroad bridge

It's about 30-40 km outside of the city, and it's not the tallest one of them (only 25 meters). But it's the most frequently used by everyone. You can expect it to be available almost every weekend.

Manikhino Bridge Rope Jumps 01.jpg
Manikhino Bridge Rope Jumps 04.jpg

Tower in a quarry

It's one of the farthest from the city (60-65 km) yet one of the tallest platforms (37 meters). Albeit extremely inconvenient to climb on.

Jumps from a tower in a quarry outside o
Jumps from a tower in a quarry outside o

Brick tower in Kabanovo

It's relatively far away, but it is the tallest of all (47 meters). Requires some serious physical preparation to climb on.

Jumps from a brick tower in Kabanovo out
Jumps from a brick tower in Kabanovo out

For the closest jumping spot inside Moscow, KRC Tower, per number of participants


Every additional jump (starting from the 2nd) - 1500 RUB

1 - 4000 RUB

2 - 6500 RUB

3 - 9000 RUB

4 - 11000 RUB

5 - 13500 RUB

6-15 - plus 2000 RUB per person

1 - 11000 RUB

2 - 13500 RUB

3 - 16000 RUB

4 - 19000 RUB

5 - 22000 RUB

6-15 - plus 2000 RUB per person


For the farther jumping spots outside of Moscow that require transfer (everything except KRC tower)

Every additional jump (starting from the 2nd) - 1500 RUB

4-5-hour Duration

Hotel Pick-up

Available Weekends until 1PM

Up to 10 People

Important! The jumps are organized at different places all the time, some of which require a reasonable degree of physical fitness to be able to climb to the jumping spot.