Russian Armed Forces


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This museum is officially part of the Armed Forces of Russian Federation, so if any building in the world can tell you the most profound story of the development of Russian military, this is it.


From Peter the Great to WWII to modern conflicts - this museum has got you covered. You'll get to see the original Soviet flag raised above the Reichstag building at the end of WWII, remains of the Gary Powers' U-2 plane that was shot over Soviet Russia in 1960 and many more unique exhibits.

So get your ears and eyes ready as we walk through the museum's gigantic halls and exhibits and try to understand how has the spirit, ideology and

technology of the Russian Army changed over the centuries and come to be what they are today.

To book, click on the 'Reserve button at the bottom of this page or write me through any of my contacts.

The museum is in the city center, close to the metro. I pick you at your place or any other convenient for you spot. We use metro to get to the museum. I lead a 2-hour tour inside and then bring you back to where I picked you or any other place you want to get to in the end.

If you want to use a car or minivan as the main means of transport, I can arrange that too for additional price.

How Do We Do It?

The Most Notable Exhibits

Brest Fortress wall fragment with soldie
Personal belongings of people living thr
Personal orders of Soviet WWII marshals.
Debris of the Powels' plane.jpg

Brest Fortress Wall Fragment

Hitler's Personal Gifts And Trophies

Personal Hitler's gifts and trophies.jpg

Belongings Of Leningrag Siege Survivors

Several Kilos Of Nazi Orders

Several kilos of captured Nazi military

Personal Orders of WWII Soviet Marshals

Original Soviet Flag From The Reichstag

Real Debris Of Gary Powers' Plane

Soviet Flag from Reichstag building.jpg

Depending on the number of participants


Tickets are not included in the price and cost additional 200 RUB per person

1-2 - 8000 RUB

3-6 - 9300 RUB

7-12 - 10300 RUB

2-3-hour Duration

Hotel Pick-up

Available Any Day Exc. Mon, Tue 10AM-2PM

Up to 12 People

Important! The default means of reaching the museum in this case is the metro. Mention if you would prefer any other in the booking form.