First, all of the tours listed on the website are for foreign people and foreign people only. That is people who were born in other countries, have foreign passports and for whom Russian is not a native language. To avoid any potential disagreements with other Russian people about history, politics or religion, about which people tend to have very strong feelings in this country, the decision was made to completely exclude them from my tours. I'm a normal person who's been living all his life in Russia, and who talks to Russian people all the time. I would just rather not do tours with them.

I deal with independent tourists who really need translations, guiding and an advise. One Russian person per each group of foreigners (that would be me in this case) for that purpose is more than enough ;)

Second, there are all sorts of young people in this country at the moment. Including a surprising number of people my age wholly embracing all the latest nationalist, radical and very anti-western lines of thinking. And there's certainly no lack of support, unfortunately, for those kinds of worldviews from the current government and the state-run media.


I was born and grew up in the 90s. I like the West. All the nicest things in my life and throughout my childhood came from there. And by virtue of being born into the situation that can only be described as the opposite of having a silver spoon in my mouth, I can say that I was raised much more by TV and the internet than by my own parents. So even when I see some screaming shortcomings in the Western model of leadership around the world today, and even when it seems like the modern Russian 'patriots' on TV have some legitimate points in criticizing it; I would always try to envisage a peaceful, diplomatic solution to any misunderstanding instead of feeling ecstatic just from thoughts of the European Union or NATO falling apart.

So if you feel like you are one of those foreigners that are specifically attracted to Russia at the moment for political reasons: you have a Che tattoo on your arm, you're coming from a family of hardcore communist beliefs and/or Stalin or Putin T-shirt is your go-to outfit for any occasion; we'll still find a common language. The underlying story in all the tours always remains the same and is always worth telling anyway. But if you want to find some true comradery in your life-long struggle against the western world and its values, I might not really live up to your imaginable standards of what a true Russian person should be like.

I always try to stay away from taking any side during my tours. Whether things are getting better in certain areas and it makes some people happy or certain recent developments are worth making fun of - I'll tell you both sides of the story. I'm not paid neither to complement the current Russian political or any other situation nor to criticize it.

I hope that it clarifies things a bit.