Today the easiest and quickest way to transfer someone money in Russia is through this e-money system called Yandex Money. It is, basically, the biggest e-currency operator in Russia, and transferring anything through it is as safe as using PayPal or Venmo services.

Simply choose one of the donation sums below, type in your bank card details, click 'send' and voila!

100 RUB

(approx. $1,5)

500 RUB

(approx. $8)

1000 RUB

(approx. $15)

2000 RUB

(approx. $30)

Or determine the amount yourself. On the following page choose 'To another Yandex Money wallet' and copy and paste this wallet number in the opened field: 410019463853382

All donations are in rubles. Conversion happens automatically using a fair rate of Visa or MasterCard for that day.