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It is mind-boggling to think that something as horrible and inhumane existed in this country merely 50 years ago. The notorious chain of forced labor camps had sprawled across the country right since the advent of the Soviet era and continued until 1960. It proved to be vital for the ambitious government agenda of quick industrialization of the country before the WWII and continued supplying fresh free labor for the post-war reconstruction and throughout the early Cold War period.


A dissident writer Solzhenitsyn argued in his famous book "GULAG Archipelago" that the entire Soviet economy was addicted to those injections of fresh meat into its camp system, and that the country won't be able to survive without them for long. Whether he

was absolutely right or just made a lucky prediction, but the Soviet history without the camps, after they were shut in 1960, turned out to be relatively shorter than the one with them.

The true impact of the system on the development of the Soviet state and today's Russia and the real number of people who went through it remain debatable topics till this day. See the evidence and learn the fact inside the main museum of the history of GULAG today and make your own opinion on this divisive issue.

The museum is in the city center, close to the metro. I pick you at your place or any other convenient for you spot. We use metro to get to the museum. I lead a 1,5-2-hour tour inside and then bring you back to where I picked you or any other place you want to get to in the end.

If you want to use a car or minivan as the main means of transport, I can arrange that too for additional price.

How Do We Do It?

Depending on the number of participants


Tickets are not included in the price and cost additional 250 RUB per person

1-2 - 5000 RUB

3-6 - 6500 RUB

7-12 - 7500 RUB

2-3-hour Duration

Hotel Pick-up

Available Any Day Exc. Mon 10AM-2PM

Up to 12 People

Important! The default means of reaching the museum in this case is the metro. Mention if you would prefer any other in the booking form.