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This Czech designed jet was the main trainer jet for all of the Warsaw Pact countries throughout most of the Cold War. It won't break any speed records or even reach any Mach number. But it can still a turbine-powered plane that can speed you up to 650 km/h and do more than a few cool tricks in the air. Barrel, loop, free fall - you name them.


But what it also won't do, is set you back 900 000 RUB like some other more expensive jet options like MiG-29, instead keeping it reasonable at 45000 RUB for a 20-minute program.

Because the jet designed to teach people to fly, it has all the controls available from both the front and the rear seat. So that the instructor can take away

controls from you if needed like in those cars for passing driver's licence tests. The same way the instructor can pilot the whole flight from take-off to landing from the rear cabin. Which  means that you'll be sitting like a real badass pilot in the front seat and might even take control of the plane in your own hands for a brief moment during the flight.

No special training or preparation needed. The  The only thing you'll have to do is to sit there, enjoy the ride and trip on all the Gs applied to your body. You can yell as much as you want and even ask to tape it all on video.

Don't miss a chance to get your initiation to turbine powered aerobatics for a reasonable price!

Me and the van (or car) pick you at your hotel or any other convenient spot, we drive all the way to the airfield, do the flight, and then drive back to the city where I drop you at any place you want or bring back to the hotel.

The airfield is over 120 km outside of the city and a car or van transfer is already included in the price. It's the same one where we do parachute jumps, by the way. So if you decide to do them both, you'll save a lot on transport.

The flight lasts 20 minutes and features several most common aerobatic figures. No special training is required. You'll be strapped tight into your seat and given a special helmet with built-in headset for communicating with the pilot. At some point he'll tell you to 'take control', that's when you'l be able to pilot it yourself for a couple of minutes using just the stick.

The activity is organized directly through the owner of the plane. Which makes it cheaper than if it otherwise had been, but unfortunately, you won't be getting any receipt for it. There won't even be any office. You'll pay right after the flight literally in the middle of the airfield in cash. But I guess, it only makes it look and feel more authentically Russian.

How Do We Do It?

Real Photos and Videos

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L-29 Jet Flight in Moscow 01.jpg
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L-29 Jet Flight in Moscow 04.jpg

A video compilation like this officially costs another 3000 RUB, so it isn't included in the price. But you will get raw recordings from 3 different cameras inside the cockpit and can make a similar video later yourself.

If you decide to pay for a compilation though, you can ask for a very topical Russian soundtrack like this:

Depending on the number of participants


If you manage to gather a group of 5 people, the 5th one is flying for free

1 - 46 000 RUB

2 - 79 000 RUB

3 - 112 000 RUB

4 - 147 000 RUB

5 - 147 000 RUB

5-6-hour Duration

Hotel Pick-up

Available on Weekends

Up to 5 People

Important! The tour is normally available on weekends. But if you really need it, could be organized on any other day. We'll have to go to another, more distant airfield for that. It'll take about 7-8 hours overall and cost 3500 RUB more.