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This museum is about everything that you've ever expected to learn about tanks and heavy artillery of almost any country-participant of WWII. From the earliest models ever produced to the latest Russian ones to rare, one of a kind exhibits - there's anything a true tank enthusiast could ask for.

The sheer size and scope of the facility is amazing on its own. Just walking among the neat rows of dozens of those armored giants is filled with the sense of "awe" and realization of brevity of human lifespan on the battlefield against them.

But even more exciting is to hear all the remarkable life stories of the designers and constructor bureaus that made them the way they are, and learn about impressive victories that those machines helped to achieve throughout WWII and beyond.

If you're interested in everything about tanks and all things WWII, especially from the Russian perspective, and have always wanted to see the rarest historic models with your own eyes and take a couple of pictures with them, this will be one of the best places in the world to satisfy those cravings.

Me and the van (or car) pick you at your hotel or any other convenient spot, we drive all the way to the museum, do the tour, and then drive back to the city where I drop you at any place you want or bring back to the hotel.

The museum is about 40-45 km outside the city. It'll take 1-1,5 hours to get there. Transfer is included in the prices below.

The saddest part about this museum today is that they planned to move the major part of its collection to a new museum nearby in the so-called 'Patriot Park'. That new one was supposed to be 3 times the size of Kubinka and absorb several museums in itself.

It didn't really become any of that, eventually, but it did take the rarest exhibits from Kubinka anyway. Almost all of which were German tanks. There are only Panzer III, Panther, Karl Gerat and Mouse left in the German pavilion now. So if you're looking specifically for German ones, ask for Patriot Park Tour instead or together with this one.

How Do We Do It?

The Most Notable Exhibits

T-34 Tank in Kubinka Museum.jpg
IS-3 Heavy Tank in Kubinka Museum.jpg
Karl-Gerat German Mortar in Kubinka.jpg
Mark V Tank in Kubinka Museum.jpg



IS-2 Heavy Tank in Kubinka Museum.jpg



Panther Heavy German Tank.jpg

Karl-Gerat Mortar


Maus Super Heavy Tank in Kubinka Museum.

Mark V

Depending on the number of participants


Tickets are not included in the price and cost additional 300 RUB per person

1-2 - 8300 RUB

3-6 - 14900 RUB

7-12 - 17000 RUB

4-5-hour Duration

Hotel Pick-up

Available Any Day Exc. Mon 10AM-2PM

Up to 12 People

Important! Transport to and from the museum is included in the prices above.