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This is easily the most impressive underground system in the world both in terms of its architecture and efficiency. Using it for the first time makes you immediately understand why is this the most popular means of transport among locals, sometimes even among those with cars.


Stations' designs earned the system the nickname 'People's Palaces'. With many stations indeed looking more exercises in classical architecture and resembling palaces and churches more than train platforms.


On the tour you'll learn more not just about the system's architecture but also many interesting numbers and

curious facts from its modern and not-so-modern history.

And most importantly, you'll learn a lot about navigating through the system yourself and after this tour will be riding the metro on your own like a pro.

It's simple. I pick you at your hotel or any other convenient spot, we go to the tour's starting point (by metro itself if needed), do the tour, and then I drop you at any place you want or bring back to the hotel.

It's a 2-hour walking tour that includes visiting 6-7 most impressive metro stations. It starts at Revolution Square and ends at Mayakovskaya. Your metro tickets are bought separately from the price of the tour. But it's only around 100 RUB per person.

How Do We Do It?

What Do We See?

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Novoslobodskaya Station Moscow Metro.jpg
Mayakovskaya Station Moscow Metro.jpg

Ploschad' Revolutsii


Komsomolskaya Station Moscow Metro.jpg



Belorusskaya Station Moscow Metro.jpg


Depending on the number of participants


Plus 80 RUB per person for metro tickets

1 - 2000 RUB

2-3 - 2500 RUB

4-5 - 3000 RUB

6-15 - 4000 RUB

2-hour Duration

Hotel Pick-up

Available Daily:   6AM-1AM

Up to 15 People

Important! The tour is available as long as the metro is open from 6AM to 1PM, But you might want to avoid rush hours with this one 8-10AM and 5-7PM.