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Very few things in this world get you as excited as speeding towards the ground in a free fall from a height of several kilometers. Feeling like just finishing an entire marathon and satisfactory adrenaline buzz for the rest of the day are guaranteed afterwards.

The entire city of Moscow is, unfortunately, a no fly zone. So the only landscape below you'll be able to enjoy will be suburban rivers, roads and forests 120 km away from the city instead of the Kremlin and Moscow's classical architecture. But on the bright side, doing it in Russia is much more affordable than in some fancy locations like Vegas or Dubai, and yet it gives you as big of an excitement burst as anywhere else. Plus, you get to see how real Russia looks like outside of Moscow on the way there.

They say that Albert Einstein created his theory of relativity visualizing a man free-falling from the sky. And he got all that while standing on the ground. Imagine what kinds of other important philosophical and existential questions you could solve if you were that falling man yourself. The only way to find out is to try it.

Me and the van (or car) pick you at your hotel or any other convenient spot, we drive all the way to the airfield, sign everything, do the jumps, and then drive back to the city, where I drop you at any place you want or bring back to the hotel.

The airfield is 120 km outside of the city. Get ready for a 1,5-2-hour ride. The best way to get there is by car, which is included in the costs below. The jumps are in tandem with a professional instructor (only male) strapped tight to your back. No special training is required for this kind of jump. There will be a quick 10-minute instruction on what to do and what not that I will translate and repeat to you several times. The height of the jump is 4000 meters. The free fall lasts 30-40 seconds. At the end you get a certificate that authoritatively tells everyone in Russian that you've done it. You can order a video from a GoPro on the instructor's hand or by a professional cameraman (or woman) jumping along with you. You have to be 18+ and under 130 kg to be able to do it.

How Do We Do It?

Real Pictures And Videos


An example of a video taped by a separate cameraman flying along

An example of a cameraman video plus GoPro on instructor's hand

Depending on the number of participants


Video with a GoPro - plus 1600 RUB per person

Video with a cameraman - plus 3500 RUB per person

1 - 21500 RUB

2 - 34500 RUB

3 - 47500 RUB

4 - 61000 RUB

5 - 74000 RUB

6 - 87000 RUB

7-10 - 12500 RUB for every additional person

5-hour Duration

Hotel Pick-up

Available Weekends until 1PM

Up to 10 People

Important! Normally, available on weekends and Fridays. In summertime could be organized on any day except Mondays and Tuesdays.