Buying Kremlin Tickets Online

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

The Kremlin has 4 different ticket that allow you to visit 4 different places inside. This article is only about buying them online.

If you haven't yet decided at all which tickets you want to buy - this page will help you choose.

If you're only consider buying them in the Kremlin ticket office - go straight to this page.

So, my best advise if you looking for best ways to buy Kremlin tickets, is to buy everything you can online before you get anywhere near it.

Unfortunately, whichever of the 4 available tickets you eventually choose to buy, there won't be a way for you to completely avoid visiting the ticket office. Only 2 out 4 ticket types are available for purchase online. And even when you buy them there, you still have to collect them later from the ticket office.

Which might make you feel like, 'Well, if I'm going there anyway, I might as well buy everything on the spot on the day of the visit'. But no... no, it is still highly recommendable you pre-order at least Armory tickets first. It might save you from a lot unnecessary frustration.

This is the main Kremlin website where you can buy its tickets.

Purchasing them online is pretty straightforward. Just use your bank card details and provide your real full name.

As I mentioned, there are no e-tickets you can print out as of today (February 2019). So on the day of the visit you'll have to show up in the ticket office and collect all the physical versions of the tickets you've purchased providing your passport or a driver's licence that has you photo and your name on it. I personally have witnessed both documents working, but I would still recommend having a passport just in case.

Now, this part makes no sense. But you can collect those tickets only on the day of your Kremlin visit. So please, don't waste your time trying to show up a week earlier. Otherwise, you're risking having a strong urge to punch someone there.

Let's look at each ticket you can buy like that.

The territory and Cathedral Square tickets

These seem to have some quantity limits on the website, but it's not really that important. This ticket is the most basic type of a Kremlin ticket that, essentially, just allows you to go inside. In the physical ticket office they are available at any time in unlimited quantity.

Just look at this line, seems like they just sold something very close to that unlimited quantity of tickets:

It's just like Rihanna used to sing, 'queueueue... queueueueueu...' And this is a very tame, autumn version of that line.

So yes, the counter for territory tickets on the site exists, and they can potentially run dry there. But that should not distract you in any way. If anything, you won't just be able to buy them on the day of the visit in the ticket office, but also, to beat all the lines there by using special automated ticket terminals.

These tickets you're buying online just because you're probably already buying Armory ones there. Why not buy both when they're just 2 clicks away? But again, even if they are, suddenly, not available, you'll absolutely certainly be able to buy them later right on the spot.

The Armory Chamber tickets

The most important tickets on that website are the Armory ones. The Armory has only 500 tickets available for each of its 4 daily time-slots. Only 100 of which are available for purchase on the website (so that there's something left for people in the ticket offices).

I cannot stress this enough! If you feel determined to visit the Armory Chamber while in Moscow and want to do it on the exact same day as you're planning it right now; please, do yourself a favor and think about buying your Armory tickets way in advance and do everything possible to avoid buying them from the official ticket office.

If it's off the tourist season, it should be a relatively hassle-free experience. But if you're coming anywhere between May and September (both included) - it's a slaughter! Trying to buy them on the spot in summer months might turn into the worst part of your trip to Moscow. Not only that you're risking spend hours in line, there's also a chance of, eventually, not getting anything at all. Because they have a habit of running out of them juuust as you become first in line.

Armory tickets start being sold on the website 14 days in advance. So if you're reading this half a year ahead of your trip, calculate what is the exact date 14 days before your Armory visit and mark it somewhere or create a reminder on your phone. Then return to the Kremlin website on that very day to make sure you buy them right as they are thrown on sale. If it's summer time, it won't take long for those 100 tickets to end.

I hope this helps. If you want to learn more about buying other ticket types in the official ticket office, proceed to this article that'll explain you more.

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