Getting From The Airport To Moscow By An Express Train

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

This article is for those who already firmly decided to take a train as their main means of reaching the city from the airport. If you're still trying figure which transport would be better for you, go to this page that will help you do just that.

Also, this page is about special express trains only. Every airport is served by regular suburban trains as well. And if you (for some incredible reason) decided to take that one instead, the tips for doing that you can find here - Getting to/from the Moscow suburbs using suburban trains.

So, you've decided to take an express train, great choice.

All of the three major international airports at this point are serviced by special express trains, which all have their own, separate platforms and are owned by the same company called 'Aeroexpress'.

It is a modern Russian company founded in 2005 that solely focuses on providing express trains to Moscow's airports. The company is new, and everything it has and does looks and feels new as well. Here you won't find half the train park and half the turnstiles on the platforms from the previous century and half from the current (as might be the case with Moscow metro for example). Here everything is modern, neat, always translated and as much high-tech as possible. There's quite a chance you might be more satisfied with your transfer than if you took a car. Or at least, here there are much fewer chances for you to have a situation where something didn't go as planned.

Using it and buying tickets to it is as joyful and straightforward process as far as any suburban train experience goes.

All you need to do is to find a platform, which you'll see pointed out by plenty of translated, distinctly red signs at the airport, buy a ticket through an app on your phone or in one of the automated kiosks at the platform, board the closest train (they depart every half an hour), and off you go.

Here are some sign examples:

And here are schemes of each of the three airports with Aeroexpress platforms highlighted in red:

The location of the Aeroexpress platform in Sheremetyevo International Airport Map
Sheremetyevo (SVO)

The location of the Aeroexpress train platform in Domodedovo International Airport Map
Domodedovo (DME)

The location of the Aeroexpress train platform in Vnukovo International Airport Map
Vnukovo (VKO)

The cost of your ticket is (as of January 2019):

500 RUB for one person one way

850 RUB for two

950 RUB for four

Just make sure you don't buy them one by one, and instead buy special tickets for 2 or 4 people if needed. Because otherwise, you'll pay 500 RUB for every individual ticket.

You can purchase them at the platform itself through desks with human cashiers or in the automated red kiosks with touchscreens like these:

But that would be a totally barbarian way of doing it, right? Considering that now you can do everything without touching anything at all except your mobile phone.

You can buy them online on their well-translated website - click here.

Logo of the Aeroexpress company and the Aeroexpress mobile app
Mobile App Logo. As well as the main logo of Aeroexpress company.

Or you can also download a special mobile app for that: click for iOS version, click for Android version.

Just buy them like you buy anything else online with your bank card and receive a QR-code that you can contactlessly scan at any of the turnstiles leading to the platform right from the screen of your phone. And you can do so any day within 30 days after purchase.

Both the website and the app are also very useful if you want to once again verify the train's schedule.

Although it's always the same at all three airports. It departs every half an hour: 6:00; 6:30; 7:00; 7:30 and so on. The only thing to keep in mind is that is that it's not 24-hour operational. The last trains leaves to Moscow at 00:30 AM, the first - 5:00, 5:15 and 6:00 AM in Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo respectively.

Well, I hope this explains it well enough and makes you feel prepared for everything.

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