Getting From The Airport To Moscow By Public Transport

Each of the three major airports is served by buses and special shuttle-minivans. Here are the locations of the bus stops for Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo and the numbers of all bus routes that start from there with prices.

But first, think again whether you actually want to do it this way. This method combines all the worst parts of the other two (car and train) and none of their conveniences. It should be utilized only in cases of extremely tight budget, very keen desire to use public transport in Russia or passion for it in general.

The upside of all this is that nothing else beats the price of such an adventure, especially if you're travelling alone - 50-120 RUB per person (as of January 2019).

Notice: some of those buses could have a few other stops along the way to the metro. Make sure you ONLY go out at the final station where everyone else is leaving, and the driver turns around and yells, 'Metro!'

All buses work from 5:30-6:00 AM to 11:30 PM until the description says otherwise.


Here are the locations of two main bus stops outside of Sheremetyevo airport:

There are 5 (!!!) different routes that start from both with two different metro stations as their destinations:

1) To Rechnoy Vokzal Metro station (green line):

Bus #851 - departs every 10-30 minutes, time from the Terminal D to the metro without traffic 45-50 minutes, price - 50 RUB per person.

Shuttle-minivan #949 - departs 'as soon as it fills up', travel time without traffic - 30-50 minutes, price - 75 RUB.

2) To Planernaya Metro station (purple line):

Bus #817 - departs with 10-20-minute intervals, travel time without traffic - 40-50 minutes, price - 50 RUB.

Minivan #948 - 40-70-minute travel time, price - 75 RUB.

Night Bus # H1 (works from 1:00-5:30 AM when nothing else does) - departs every 30 minutes, takes it approximately 2 hours to get to the metro, 50 RUB per person.


The map with highlighted bus stop outside Domodedovo airport:

If they are not exactly next to the express train platform entrance, look a couple of meters to the right in the parking area.

All buses go to the metro station Domodedovskaya.

Bus #308 - departs every 7 to 20 minutes, road time - around 30 minutes without traffic, free luggage space, price - 120 RUB per person.

Bus #308 'Sotsialniy' (Social) - it's all the same but, apparently, partially government-sponsored. They are a bit rarer but cost 82 RUB per person instead.

Minivan #308 - the only 24/7 public transport at Domodedovo. Road time - 25-30 minutes, price - 120 RUB per person.


The map of Vnukovo airport with the bus stop outside the terminals highlighted in red:

All routes go to Yugo-Zapadnaya station (red line).

Buses #611, 611ф and 611c - they are all the same: depart every 10-20 minutes, reach the metro in 30-40 minutes and cost 50 RUB per person. But of all three only 611c has the metro as its final stop. The other two will go slightly further but stop at the metro as well. You'll have to ask every time it stops whether it's the metro or not.

Minivan #45 M - departs every 10-20 minutes, 30-45 minutes to the metro, price 150 RUB plus 10 RUB for every suitcase you're carrying.

And that'll be all. Hope it'll be enough for you to reach the city from the airport by public transport.

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