Getting From The Airport To Moscow By Taxi (Car or Minivan)

This article is for those that have already decided to take a taxi to get to the city and are planning to do it through a mobile app.

If you're still figuring whether to take a car or a train - go to this page. If you think that you would rather order it without your mobile phone or internet - this page will explain why you should stop thinking like that.

If you're looking for tips on how to get your internet connection at the airport on arrival - click here.


So, you've chosen the taxi option. Good for you. Just make sure that the traffic to and in the city is clean and download one of the following apps.

There are three major taxi services in Moscow. All of which have very similar rates for airport transfers and using any of them would guarantee you a great price. But they slightly differ in app features, so here's my list sorted from less to more recommendable.

Yandex Taxi App Logo
Yandex Taxi App Logo

Yandex Taxi

Download the app for iOS and for Android

When it comes to the cheapest rates in any direction using licensed taxis with yellow license plates - this company is the king.

Yandex is a Russian IT-company that started as an evil Russian clone of Google. At first, it was just a search engine and e-mail, but it has gradually spread to almost everything. Today it's the closest one to be called a Russian tech-giant and provides a slew of useful services like maps and navigation, taxi, food delivery, marketplace to buy stuff and their own Alexa-like home assistant.

Their taxi service successfully merged with Uber in 2018 letting them both use the exact same car pool. It's pretty much the same service quality now, both services accept cash and cards and both give you several car quality options.

In the Yandex app you can specify that you want only a car with a yellow plate if that makes you feel better, which can potentially sliiightly reduce your time spent in traffic jams as those cars are allowed to use special lanes in the city center. But if you see that the traffic is bad, just don't use taxi at all, yellow or not.

At the end of the day, those plates don't always add too much to you trip, and Yandex can be marginally more expensive than Uber on longer rides. That's why it's 3rd on this list.

Plus, you'll have to install a new app, whereas in the case of Uber, you most likely already have one.

Uber App Logo
Uber App Logo


Download the app for iOS and for Android

If you've ever used Uber back home or any other place, don't even think there for a second. Launch, two-three taps and you're good to go. You can use the same app, the same bank cards you have attached to it and the same bonus points and other promotional stuff as if you were home. It all just universally and seamlessly works everywhere (where Uber is allowed) making you feel like a true citizen of the world and the new tech era.

There's a huuuge chance that you'll get a car with Yandex Taxi logos though. As I mentioned they merged in 2018 and now use each other's cars. Uber slightly raised its rates after that but still remains the absolute cheapest taxi service available. And even if you get a Yandex car; if you use the Uber app, you'll get an Uber rate.

Plus, the greatest advantage of Uber is that it has special functions in the app to exchange notifications with the driver without actually calling him. Because if there's any need for the driver to call you, he'll never do (international call would cost him like the whole ride) and just drop the order with other apps. And here you can send him a quick standard messages like 'We'll be in 5' or 'Already here' without typing it. And he's supposed to receive them in Russian on the other end.

Gett Taxi App Logo
Gett Taxi App Logo

Gett Taxi

Download the app for iOS and for Android

This little known local Israeli startup has been expanding all over Europe with lightning speed over the last 5-6 years. In the market dominated by companies trying to set unreasonably low prices, one lower that the other, this service is trying to stress quality instead.

Its main bet is that people will be ready to pay slightly more for faster arrival times and better selected drivers, and the drivers in their turn will act more adequately and do their driving more efficiently. It boldly promotes itself as 'Taxi service with the best drivers'. And judging by the reviews online there might be some truth to this claim, as they are, if not dramatically, then at least somewhat better than of the other two on the list.

Gett has a fully translated app (that even comes in Hebrew if that's your thing), clicking on customer support immediately throws you into an English live chat with a company representative, it has special incentive programs for the drivers to make them really care about their rating, and you can replace the icon of your taxi on the map with one of a spaceship - what else can you possibly need?

Also, it's the only one of the three services that allows you to order a minivan right through the app without any additional manipulations. It might take them a bit longer to arrive though.

From my personal experience the biggest argument in its favor will be that almost every time the driver asked me anything about the destination point it was something that showed that they actually knew where they were going and imagined how were they going to get there. As in, they've most likely been driving around for a while. Whereas with other services you might get a better price, but there's also some slim chance of the driver asking you something like, 'Do you know the best way to get there?' or 'Is this even in Moscow?'

If you're in Domodedovo, look out for one of Gett's kiosks. Which is absolutely the only way that you should try to order a taxi without using internet.

I hope this will be enough for you to order the smoothest ride from any of the Moscow airports to the city. Thanks for reading to the end. Share the article with your friends and online if you liked it and read more of the blog.