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The Soviet tank T-55 is the AK-47 of tanks. It's one of the most reliable, functional, affordable and by a big margin the most produced tank on the planet till this day.

T-62 is its slight evolution that came up a few years after. And despite not breaking records in production numbers it remains one of the most utilized tanks in the world today. It features 100 mm front armor, 115 mm gun and is powered by a 600-hp engine that makes it capable of reaching speeds of over 50 km/h despite its 37-ton weight.

This tank is available for you to ride at a polygon 80 km away from Moscow. It's not the most affordable activity, but the amount of emotions and, especially

incredible pictures, should cover the costs. If you have a group of 5-6 people, you should consider doing it right away. The price per person in this case will be around 20 000 RUB per person. If you're a solo traveler, try setting up an event in my calendar and see if anyone joins to share the cost with you.

There are few other places in the world where you would do something like that. Plus, it looks and sounds like one of the most Russian activities ever. Make the most out of your trip here and get some brutally Russian pictures and videos to show for it in the end.

Me and the van (or car) pick you at your hotel or any other convenient spot, we drive all the way to the polygon, do the ride, and then drive back to the city where I drop you at any place you want or bring back to the hotel.

The polygon is over 80 km outside of the city and a car or van transfer is already included in the price. You'll be dressed in special military overcoats upon arrival, and placed on top of the tank's armor buckled by a special safety belt. The ride itself lasts 30 minutes, in which you'll make several circles around a relatively spacious polygon with hills, obstacles and an artificial moat with water. You'll have 2-3 brief stops along the way, during which you'll be offered to flex your bodies and compete with each other on an improvised obstacle course and in a military climbing exercise, as well as to crouch in a special ditch as the tank is driving over you. 2 people from the group will have a chance to drive the tank themselves at a slower speed without shifting gears.


At the end of the ride you'll be able to extend your experience by firing as many blank rounds as you want from a selection of iconic Soviet guns and RPG for additional price. All guns can fire in full auto.

How Do We Do It?

Real Photos and Videos

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Tank Ride in Moscow 01.jpg
Tank Ride in Moscow 04.jpg
Tank Ride in Moscow 02_edited.jpg

Quick cut of all different activities at the polygon:

Riding over a car with a tank in slow motion, plus a slo-mo simulated tank shot that you can order for additional price. That car is still there by the way, and you'll likely ride over it as well. Unfortunately, after hundreds of people doing it before you it has long turned into something that looks more like a metal pancake.

A long cut of one single ride in summer with weapon and RPG shooting in the end:

Fixed price for a group of up to 6 people


110 000 RUB

You can try to share this price with others by posting an event on this page below. Contact me for more details.

Blank shots with Soviet weapons - 100 RUB per bullet

1 RPG shot - 3500 RUB

1 imitated tank cannon shot - 15000 RUB with an exploding target on the other end, 12500 RUB - without

Additional Optional Costs

5-hour Duration

Hotel Pick-up

Available any day

Up to 6 People

Important! The closest available event is listed on this page. If you want to set up another date, mention that in the booking form.